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So happy to finally be able to offer my Pocket Dolls - the perfect addition to any art lover's collection! The dolls are being made to order, so please note that shipments will take some time, with all being shipped by June 15. 


Each doll is handpainted and I never quite know what each quirky little personality will look like - each has her or his own sweet little characteristics! 


These sweet babies make a wonderful gift, and stand about 7-8 inches tall - a petite little doll which is perfectly sized to fit in your pocket or display on a shelf. 

PREORDER For Pocket Dolls & Kittens

  • The dolls are handpainted, individually sewn, and other details like hair are glued on with fabric adhesive. Details like dress patterns and flower colors are at the artist's discretion.

    Please note that these are not meant for children under 4 as they are works of art and not toys. Please care for them as such.

    I cannot offer refunds or returns on this artwork. This item is not eligible for discounts.

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