Thank you for having a look at my artisan line of jewelry and artwork. My goal is to create beauty every day and to share that with you. 


I hope you enjoy your visit!

- Maryellen


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Snow Queen Earrings - $38


I have worn these every day since I first dreamed them up! They are light and glimmery and you'll forget you even have them on!


The faceted baby crystals are a pearlescent salt color, and the gold daggers are a cross between a rosy gold and a vintage gold color. They are the perfect addition for any jewelry collection!

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Amazonite and black tourmaline, handcut
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About Me

I live in St. Mary’s County, Maryland with my little family, a big garden full of flowers, and lots of coastlines and waterways to inspire my designs.

I spend every morning in my bright, window-filled studio, where ideas pile up just like the tubes of paint, colorful fabrics,  books, and bowls of sparkling beads and buttons. I try to paint and stitch each day, even if I’m not in the mood to be super productive.

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Take a look at my other work, including my florals, and cute, whimsy drawings. If you are a fan of my Twist Style jewelry, you will love my other pieces.

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