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Hi! Thank you for looking at my work!

I live in St. Mary’s County, Maryland with my little family, a big garden full of flowers, and lots of coastlines and waterways to inspire my designs.

I spend every morning in my bright, window-filled studio, where ideas pile up just like the tubes of paint, colorful fabrics,  books, and bowls of sparkling beads and buttons. I try to paint and stitch each day, even if I’m not in the mood to be super productive.


Small acts of creativity can lead to big ideas sometimes!

On the days I’m really not feeling it, I head out for a walk, coffee with a friend, or I hit the local Amish markets for bread and flowers; it never fails that inspiration strikes!

I hope that you enjoy my work, but I *especially* hope you FEEL the love  in every single product as these designs are a reflection of the joys in my life – my family, nature, and the creative process.

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